Product History

Archetype Risk Advisors, Inc. ("ARA")  is an alternative investment (hedge fund) manager, founded in 1992. ARA began

as a commodity trading advisor ("CTA") and then expanded into the equity space in 1996. Over the past two decades

ARA has focused on creating niche quantitative strategies that provide unique, low-correlation alpha for our clients to

include in their traditional investment portfolios.

ARA launched the ARA Commodities Fund in 1992. This trend-following  CTA product ran for sixteen years, with peak

AUM of almost $200 million. In 1996, we launched the Beta Hedge Fund, a joint venture with legendary short-seller

James Chanos. This market-neutral equity product ran for 8 years, with peak AUM of almost $700 million.

In February, 2015, we launched the ARA Archon program, a U.S. equity index futures trading strategy. This unique product   

is an intra-day trading product that enjoys high returns, low draw downs and absolutely no overnight risk exposure. 

ARA's products are available only to Qualified Eligible Persons (as defined in CFTC Section 4.7). Please contact us if you
would like to be pre-qualified to receive further information about ARA and its products and services.

ARA has been a member of the NFA and has been registered with the CFTC as a CTA since 1992. ARA has been registered with the SEC / State of Connecticut as a Registered Investment Advisor since 1996.

Note: As of 2019 ARA has terminated registrations and is currently only accepting consulting engagements.