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Archetype Risk Advisors, Inc. ("ARA"), is quantitative alternative investment  manager and risk

consultant based in Stamford, Connecticut. ARA was established in 1992 and has managed various

trading and investment portfolios over the past two decades, whose assets have been deployed in

managed futures, market-neutral and  long/short strategies.

ARA's expertise is in quantitative research and modeling. The company's CEO  and  founder,

Mr. Rajpal Arulpragasam, is a mathematician by training and also has thirty years of experience

in the trading and management of fixed income, equity and commodity portfolios. This combination

of high-level mathematical skills and hands-on portfolio and risk management experience gives ARA

the edge that has enabled it to continue to create unique but relevant products over the past two decades.

ARA's staff includes seasoned investment and research professionals. Many months of research,

modeling and testing precede each product launch so that our actual investment performance will

be statistically similar to our modeled results. Portfolios are monitored in real time to ensure that

all investment programs meet ARA's rigorous risk/return parameters.

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